Google Colaboratory is a free online cloud-based Jupyter notebook environment that allows us to train our machine learning and deep learning models on CPUs, GPUs, and TPUs.

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Now a days Machine Learning is playing a key role in our life. As a programmer we should familiar with Artificial Intelligence but sometimes our computer might not support enough requirements to learn Machine Learning or lower processing power is make trouble to learn.

What is Google Colab?

Google Colab is a platform like coding environment that is well-suited for machine learning and data analysis.

In Colob there are Machine Learning libraries and this offers GPU usage…

Simple linear regression is a regression technique in which the independent variable has a linear relationship with the dependent variable. The straight line in the diagram is the best fit line. The main goal of the simple linear regression is to consider the given data points and plot the best fit line to fit the model in the best way possible.

The best fit line can be based on the linear equation given below.


Light weight alternative to Postman — VS code extension

In earlier days I was learning backend and after that I was working with APIs so I used Postman. Then I had faced an issue that is postman suddenly not worked in my MacBook so I switched to Insomnia and used it to Check API req and res.

After all I faced another issue in project preparation time that is my group members worked with Postman I am the only person who worked with Insomnia so I couldn’t import requests and env data. So I decided to back to Postman but it didn’t work. …

As a Mac user I worked with those tools and got some ideas about these technologies. Here I mentioned some of the experienced and referred details about React Native and Expo.

So both have pros and cons. In my experience we can select the Technology for the situation like (Depth of the project or ways to implement it ). You can get brief idea using this,

React Native


  • choose the preferred version
  • Write native modules in native languages
  • Full control over the project
  • App size is small
  • Can refer more online documentations


  • Needs Android Studio or XCode to run the…

  1. First browse the OS iso file
  2. Press right click
  3. select Open with other application
  4. select Disk image writer
  5. Select that bootable USB
  6. click restore
  7. click restore again

wait until finish… yeah now bootable USB is ready.

You can boot as your wish.

First thing is “” wants access to control “” here this is a Type of Malware(Adware) and it popup and ask permission like this if we give a permission to access safari it will work according to code of Adware even if we give Do not allow option it will reopen every few seconds this is irritating and time wasting in the internet there is no proper solution to find and remove it. So we have to install a Malware remover but not all those are remove this adware so here I recommend MelwareBytes app to remove it. …

Take the decision before February 08/2021

Billions of users received a notification from WhatsApp, asking them to accept the terms and conditions before February 08 otherwise account will be deleted.

In the notification there is no complete information but clicking on the links gives key changes of this conditions. Yeah this is all about how WhatsApp will collect and process user data. In the case of whatsapp word data is not appropriate it should information because that's the way WhatsApp used by us. Whatsapp going to partnership with its parent company Facebook.

WhatsApp must receive or collect some information to…


This small article for awareness and efficiency for open source contributors.

Now a days open source projects takes main role. We are contributing open source projects and building existing projects in github.

The important thing is our privacy, yeah we are giving some private API keys, some direct database links or other credential details so we should consider those before to push on github.

In my experience I added my credential details directly to the code file but I refer some docs and got idea then I create other file and I put my credential text(like .env file) in that…

Steven Paul Jobs

This is a small article about Steve Jobs. Which contains Some Amazing facts about this legend.

Facts :

ES6 is a short form of 6th Edition of the ECMAScript standard.

We can mostly use a function anywhere for example in jQuery,

$(“#confirm-btn”).click(function (event) {

In earlier time JavaScript added lambda function feature before Java, python, C++ and C#.
So JavaScript lambda function little bit longer than others.

//simple function in six languages. …


IT Undergraduate @ UoM | Developer :

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